Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Music.

Logline: When a bus crash kills his entire company, a teenage dancer caught between life and death must grapple with the father who abandoned him, his deepest regrets, and the prospect of saying goodbye to his love – or joining her forever in the afterlife.

Winner - Fantasy Category | Script Summit Screenplay Contest | 2020
Quarter Finalist | CineStory Feature Fellowship Contest | 2020
Official Selection | Script Summit Screenplay Contest | 2019
Gold Prize | Hollywood Screenplay Contest | 2012
Empire Award | New York Screenplay Contest | 2012

Genre: Thriller, Science-Fiction.

Logline: After a heart transplant, a pragmatic, talented architect comes to believe that his body has been overtaken by extraterrestial intelligence from a parallel universe, but with no proof, the people closest to him fear he is losing his mind. 

Semi-Finalist | ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch | 2020
Founder Award | Story Summit | 2020
Official Selection | Script Summit Screenplay Contest | 2020
Official Finalist | New York Screenplay Contest | 2012

Genre: Drama,  Crime, Mystery.

Logline: A weathered veteran of special forces, wounded by an IED in Afghanistan, is publicly offered an experimental surgery to restore his hearing, but he quickly uncovers a web of lies surrounding his newfound fame, his home life, and the true purpose of the surgery.

Semi-Finalist | ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch | 2020
Official Selection | Script Summit Screenplay Contest | 2020

Genre: Drama, Music, Fantasy.

Logline: An old concert pianist, born deaf, reveals the moment his life changed forever and he found a way to truly express himself. 

Quarter Finalist | Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest | 2015
Official Finalist | Vail Film Festival Screenplay Competition | 2013

Genre: Drama, Music, Fantasy.

Logline: A story of a music prodigy. John, a 60-year-old deaf pianist, reveals the details of a magical, extraordinary event in his childhood 
that changed his life forever. 

Official Semi-Fina

Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery.

Logline: An aspiring fashion blogger moves to NYC to follow in her late mother’s fashion footsteps, but she soon learns that her charming new boyfriend, a fellow designer, and his powerful family may be connected to her mother’s untimely death.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery (short animation - under development).

Logline: Final stage of the World War II, a journalist and his beloved wife fight for their love suspended in time, between life and death.

Genre: Children’s Picture Book.

Summary: “Sleep Well, Little Rabbit” tells the story of a magical moment in the life of a Little Rabbit who cannot fall asleep. More than anything else though, he wants to have dreams like all the other animals. He is looking for ways to change this situation. With the help of Mrs Owl, wise advice from Daddy Rabbit and the love of Mommy Rabbit – he finally manages to fall asleep for the first time, and so being lulled to sleep will become his favorite part of the day.

Genre: Crime, Thriller.

Logline: When a series of mysterious murders at a DC University get tracked back to unknown virus, two weathered FBI agents must find the killer before catching the deadly disease.

Official Selection | Script Summit Screenplay Contest | 2019