Filmmaker, director, writer and producer.
Her screenplays have received awards in New York City, Los Angeles and Vail, Colorado.

Izabela was born in Poland. She graduated from the I. J. Paderewski Music Schools and have obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in European Studies. In the Music Schools she learned piano performance and the fundamentals of music and dance, sang in the school choir and performed in Bialystok Philharmonic. During her studies she gained extensive knowledge about international markets and all aspects of foreign affairs. She also studied the principles of international diplomacy and diplomatic protocol.

In 2005 Izabela created her first scripts and made her first short films which were presented and have received awards at independent film festivals in Poland. Although she completed studies non-related to filmmaking and pursued a career in the financial services sector, the creation of stories and narrating them by using images resulted to be her true passion. After years, richer in life experience, she returned to directing and scriptwriting. Her new projects have been awarded at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest, New York Screenplay Contest and Vail Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and recognized at the Austin Film Festival, Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest and Screencraft Short Film Production Fundn.

Izabela participated in many international film workshops, including: “Compelling Live Video” (Broadcast Pix), “Mastering S3DCampus from Development and Shooting to Broadcast” (S3D Campus), “Effective Film Directing, VFX” (Platige Image Studio, "The Witcher"). She also participated in numerous scriptwriting workshops conducted by: Syd Field, Christopher Vogler,  Linda Aronson, Oliver Shutte, Alessandra Pilar, Helen Jacey, Stephen Cleary. In 2014 she completed the online screenplay course “The Future of Storytelling” at The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Izabela joins in her projects various arts presenting a new type of film expression, creating original stories that cross the borders of movie genres. Most of her screenplays are multidimensional stories written in a non-linear narrative structure, where real and fantasy worlds alternate in the story plot and are arranged unchronologically. She focuses her storytelling on music, dance and issues of astrophysics, innovative medical technologies and life after death. 

Her works explore philosophical themes through speculation on technology, the nature of intelligence, artificial intelligence and humanity's place in the universe.


2019 | Quarter Finalist 
Script Lab’s Screenplay Contest, “Machines”

2019 | Official Selection 
Script Summit Screenplay Contest, “The Code”

2019 | Official Selection 
Script Summit Screenplay Contest, “The Event”

2015 | Official Semi-Finalists 
Short Film Production Fund by ScreenCraft, “Machines”

2015 | Official Semi-Finalist
ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, "The Labyrinth Of Silence"

2014 | Official Selection
California Women's Film Festival, "The Event" (teaser trailer)

2013 | Official Semi-Finalist
Vail Film Festival Screenplay Competition,
“The Labyrinth Of Silence”

2012 | Gold Prize
Hollywood Screenplay Contest, “The Event”

2012 | Empire Award
New York Screenplay Contest, “The Event”

2012 | Official Finalist
New York Screenplay Contest, “Soul Transplant”